SUT International Admissions

Educational Fee Rate Summary Table, Suranaree University of Technology


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Suranaree University of Technology Regulations on Tuition Fees for Graduate Students, B.E. 2557(2014)


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Registration Fee: 2,400 Thai Baht/Credit
Students pay in each trimester depend on how many credit enrolled
(For Master Program 45-48 Credits/For Ph.D. Programs 64 Credits)

General Insurance Fee 6,000 Thai Baht
(To be returned to the students when leaving the university upon graduation or due to the termination of student status or quitting the university.  The amount returned is the final sum after deduction of, if any, costs of damage to the university’s properties and assets and other debts that the students owe to the university.)

University Maintenance Fee 20,000 Thai Baht/Year (Educational Service Fee, Library Fee, Sports Fee, etc)