SUT International Admissions

Master Plan A

Type A (1) : Thesis research only. Min. 45 credits required. Additional non-credit courses or activities may be required.

Type A (2) : Course work and thesis research. Min. 45 Credits required, at least 15 of which are thesis credits, and at least 15 are course credits.

Master Plan B

Course work and independent study. Total of min. 45 credits required, at least 38 of which are course credits, and 4-7 are credits of independent study.

Remark: Number of credits required may vary depending on specific program

Note : If the information and documents given are found false or misleading, the University reserves the right to reject the application.


Type 1:  Thesis research only. Min. 90 credits for Bachelor’s degree holders and min. 60 credits for Master’s degree holders required.  Additional non-credit courses may be required.

Type 2:  Course work and thesis research. Min. 60 thesis credits and 30 course credits required for Bachelor’s degree’s holder. Min. 45 thesis credits and 15 course credits required for Master’s degree holder